CyberCool Wine Fridge

CyberCool Wine Fridge

Keeping wines in their ideal environment is essential in order to reap the benefits when consuming. Whether the occasion is a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, New Year or even just a small dinner party, it doesn’t get better than being able to drink wine that has been allowed to perfectly mature. And what is the best way to ensure you serve only the best claret or bubbly? Store it in a CyberCool wine fridge until the occasion arrives. Wine fridges are designed to house wine and store it in conditions similar to those found in a wine cellar; CyberCool are a leading manufacturer of such fridges and offer solutions for any wine enthusiast.

Types of wine fridges on offer

A CyberCool wine fridge guarantees quality and style that allow owners to store their finest bottles in an environment that offers optimum ageing. Whether you are looking for a fridge to chill a few ready-to-drink bottles or are a budding wine collector looking for a unit that can provide you with enough space and the surroundings to begin your collection, CyberCool can provide the perfect solution.
Fridges come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from 12 to 50 bottles and in styles that are modern. Full and part glass doors finished are available and with stainless steel and black bodies, allowing units to look the part in any kitchen. CyberCool are at the forefront of domestic wine fridges and each machine offers a range of features that benefit the owner in terms of look, practicality and environmental friendliness, these include:

  • LED interior lighting
  • Thermoelectric cooling which provides no vibration and reduced noise operation
  • No chemical emittance
  • Mirror effect doors
  • Touch controls
  • Individual temperature compartments

The last of these features (individual temperature compartments) is extremely beneficial for domestic users, especially those than plan on storing both red and white wine. For optimum maturation, red wine and white wine are required to be stored at different temperatures (red at 12˚C-14˚C and white at 10˚C-12˚C). CyberCool wine fridge units are able to offer this feature in all of their models, even the small and low-end fridges which are generally offered with only single-temperature controls by competitors. Red wine can be stored at the top of the fridge and white at the bottom (maybe left and right side depending on model) and set to the perfect temperature using stylish touch controls.

Each model of fridge comes with chrome racks so that each bottle can be laid down without danger of rolling and the tempered glass allows you to see inside of the fridge with LED lighting (which can be switched off) to help you identity the wine.

Installing a CyberCool wine fridge

Although wine fridges can cope with fluctuations in ambient temperature, drastic changes can put pressure on the unit, for this reason it is recommended that CyberCool fridges are not stored in garages. The kitchen is a perfect location for a fridge and the compact sizes means that units can easily be housed under worktops.

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